The conference and the Social Evening take place on the 8th of July in

Haus der Begegnung (House of Encounters), an educational and cultural Centre of the protestant church in Ulm

Haus der Begegnung
Grüner Hof 7
89073 Ulm

The Haus der Begegnung is placed in the centre of Ulm, near the Danube. How to get there

How to come to Ulm: The Danube twin-towns are easily accessible by car and by train.  How to come to Ulm

There are two big airports near Ulm: Stuttgart and Munich. From here you can easily reach Ulm by train. Here you reach the Germany railway website.

There are also two small airports near Ulm, Memmingen and Friedrichshafen, with low cost flights. Also from here is a good train and bus connection to Ulm.