Welcome on our website to the International Conference “Tastes of Danube. Let’s taste it” on 8th of July 2016 and to the Danube-Breakfast on the Herdbrücke Ulm/Neu-Ulm on 10th of July 2016!

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Background – information about the project Tastes of Danube and about the two events

Programme overview – the programme of the conference “Tastes of Danube. Let’s taste it”

Opening address – overview of the speakers and their lectures who opened the above mentioned conference

Keynote lectures – overview of the keynote lectures, links to the videos of the lectures

Keynote Speakers – Curriculum Vitae of every speaker

Partners present their work – PowerPoint presentations of the partners activities and links to the video presentations

Working groups – overview of the working groups and links to the videos in which the moderators present the results of the working groups

Documentation July 8th, 2016 – overview of the links to Photo Gallery and Videos

Social Event – the programme of the Social Evening and link to a Photo Gallery of the event

Side events July 9th – overview of the activities happened on Saturday, 9th of July and a small Photo Gallery to them

Danube – Breakfast, July 10th – small description of this event

Documentation July 10th – Links to the Photo Gallery and Videos to this event, the table arrangement of the participant organisations

Links – links to different important websites concerning the supporters of both events, projects, etc.

Venue – information about the venue of the conference